Is Monat shampoo healthy for you?

Is monat shampoo healthy for you

Our hair is very precious. We should actually take care of our hair and we take little consideration to it on a daily basis. Is Monat shampoo healthy for you? There is a big debate going on whether Monat shampoo is good or bad for you. In this blog, I am gonna tell you the pros and cons of Monat shampoo. And you can decide for yourself whether it is healthy for your hair or not.

What is the science behind Monat?

How is Monat different? Why it is said that the Monat products are naturally based and pure products? The co-founder of Monat, Luis Urdaneta, strongly believes in nature, family, and community.

In one of the interviews, he said that he has developed Monat products that have unique, molecular ingredients that contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids like omega-6, nutrients and amino acids that are suitable for any hair types.

They are dedicated to moderating consumption of natural resources by recycling, improving their processes and innovating their efficiency. He said that they have developed the shampoos that will reduce thinning and recharge their hair growth. All the products of the Monat are clinically proven.

The red clover ingredient in the Monat shampoo reduces inflammation in the scalp, strengthens and thickens the hair. Red clover keeps more hair on your hair and helps in faster growth. It also contains P extract. It is a vegetable that provides a rich source of nutrients that promotes hair growth and reduces DHT modulation.

DHT is a big contributor to have a hair loss. This compound preserves the hair follicle that creates a healthy environment. It protects against environmental damage. The products of Monat are never steamed or boiled. They also do not add any toxic chemicals that can be harmful to people.

The co-founder said that they always use the best quality ingredients to fulfill the needs of the customers.

Is monat shampoo healthy for you

Why Monat is good for hair?

Monat is good for your hair because it contains the following ingredients:


Capixyl is powered with red clover extract is a gentle, emollient that reduces scalp inflammation, strengthens and thickens the hair. It hydrates the scalp to stimulate natural, noticeable hair growth.


It is a powerful formula that packs an intense defense against oxidative stress. Crodasorb protects from the sun’s damaging rays and resultant UVB damage. Also, this preserves natural pigmentation of hair and keeps the strands stronger and locks in moisture.


It helps in maintaining healthy levels of antioxidants in follicles to combat premature thinning while protecting color and shine.

         If you want to use Monat shampoo for your hair, these are the recommendations for you.

Monat shampoo recommendations

Reconstructing pre-wash conditioner- This shampoo is for anyone that has really dry, damaged hair. So if your hair is like super, overly processed with bleach, this is a great shampoo. First, use this conditioner, leave for about 2-3 minutes, rinse it and then shampoo it and leave for another few minutes.

Advanced hydrating shampoo

The difference between hydrating and moisturizing shampoos is that hydrating shampoos are for people that really have dehydrated hair. The difference between dehydrated hair and hair that needed moisture is that the hair that needs moisture is just dried and brittle and it’s lacking oils.

Dehydrated hair is frizzy, maybe it’s not lacking oil, it’s lacking hydration. So this shampoo is very good for those who are lacking hydration in your hair. This is water-based shampoo. It’s not oil-based. And it also got hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is great for aging skin and aging scalp.

It will strengthen your follicles and it’s just gonna make your overall hair growth a lot healthier. If you feel that your hair is dehydrated this shampoo is great. You can use this shampoo in all the seasons.

Renew shampoo

This shampoo is a moisture shampoo. This is gonna be great for anyone that has really dry, brittle hair. So if your hair is very damaged and brittle this is gonna help to add oil to your hair. Those oils are absorbed in the hair and it’s just gonna make your hair really shiny.

Smoothing shampoo

This is great for anyone that has super thick, coarse, dry, frizzy hair or those who have wavy hair and those who like to straighten their hair on occasion, this shampoo is very good for them. It’s not gonna weigh your hair down. It’s really great for all hair types.

Black 2-1 shampoo

This is shampoo-conditioner two-in-one shampoo. This was actually marketed towards men because men like to use two-in-one shampoos. But women can also use this shampoo. This shampoo has 2 times the amount of pro keratin which is the plant-based ingredient that is used to stimulate and promote hair growth. If you have thin hair or if you are going for chemotherapy, this is gonna be great shampoo.

Revive shampoo

This shampoo plumps your hair strands up to 3 times to its natural size so it’s amazing for volume. Those who have really fine, limp, or oily hair would love this shampoo.

Intense repair shampoo- If you have intense hair loss, intense scalp issues, this shampoo will solve all these problems. I would recommend you to use this shampoo for the hair problems.

Concerns over Monat shampoo

The FDA sent inspectors to Florida where Monat products are made and a federal report shows that inspectors found unsanitary conditions as soon as the consumers made a complaint against the Monat products. But Monat claims that its ingredients and products are safe.

The co-founder of Monat tested their products and he said that their products are nonirritating, hypoallergenic and dermatologically safe on all skin and hair types. But 10 lawsuits and about 300 adverse reports filed with the FDA say otherwise.

One of the consumers who used the Monat shampoo said that she almost had a baseball-sized of hair in her hand. She lost 3 quarters of her hair. She also found massive clumps of hair that were concerning in her crib. Monat products are sold mostly on social media through multi-level marketing.

The products are advertised to promote their hair stability and growth but multiple lawsuits from San Diego, Indianapolis, Oklahoma City, Las Vegas and more say that customers have experienced significant hair loss or thinning and other complications such as itching, scalp irritation, sores, and cystic acne after using Monat shampoo.

A lady named Aaron from Las Vegas asked to be used to sell Monat as one of its market partners. She stopped after losing her own hair. In March 2018, the FDA sent the inspectors to investigate the products. After several months later, the FDA released the report which found that Monat shampoo and other products are being packed, prepared or held under insanity conditions whereby it may have become contaminated with filth.

It is found that the multiple products were at risk of cross-contamination due to open reactor lids and missing protective caps on hoses used to pump products. A reactor that is ready to process a new batch of hair care products still had old product residue even after being cleaned multiple times by facility staff and empty containers of rejuvabeads were left uncovered and exposed in the filling line after the employees finished their working day.

But Monat says that the FDA’s report contains nothing of significant concern. A spokesperson claims that it’s like the manufacturing facility getting an A grade or maybe an A-minus but the FDA says that it would never assign a grade.

The FDA does not approve the Monat products or certify product safety or quality but the agency did take samples of Monat shampoos for further testing. So far there is no evidence that contamination results from unsanitary conditions.

Although lawsuits against Monat products have been consolidated in Florida court and the legal action is ongoing. A line of hair products promises to make hair longer, fuller and stronger but hundreds of women shared similar stories of scalp sores, breakage and hair falling out in clumps.

199 consumers reported adverse reactions to the FDA and more than 500 consumers filed complaints with the better business bureau in 2017.

The chemistry professor named James was asked to analyze the ingredients in Monat shampoo. He explained, there’s no way to know what’s inside ingredients listed as extracts. Monat claims that they tested on hair and it showed no effect on surface damage or breakage.

Monat confirmed their tests were conducted on strands of hair not attached to the scalp. John Young with Morgan and Morgan filed one of the class action cases against Monat. The suit called the statements from Monat that their products are naturally based and safe are patently false.

Monat denies the presence of sulfates, unknown skin irritant but that doesn’t explain reports by dramatic hair loss to have this happen in such a short period of time. Monat says it has hundreds and thousands of customers that are using this product and are very happy about the results.

The lawsuits accused Monat of fraud, deception and strong-arm tactics like suing critics. But the companies repeated response to the BBB complaints stated that “Although Monat’s ingredients are naturally based, safe, pure and sustainable, we understand that some may experience a reaction and should discontinue use”.

The co-founder also said that the Monat shampoos do not contain ingredients like phthalates, PEG, DEA/MEA, sulfates, parabens, harsh salt systems, harmful colors, harmful fragrances that will damage your hair.

Some of the ingredients in the Monat shampoo are harmful to us. It contains Allergens like Cocamidopropyl betaine and Benzyl alcohol are very dangerous to the hair because we can suffer severe hair loss due to this. Benzyl alcohol is a type of preservative that is allowed to use in shampoos and in cosmetic products.

They can cause irritations to the hair. It also contains Ethoxylation compounds like Steareth-21 and Cetereath-20 also known as polyethylene glycol is a very harmful ingredient. The traits the scalp fast. Contact with these glycols may cause brain, liver and kidney malfunctions.

Fragrances are also added to Monat shampoo. Animal urine is most often used to create the desired smell. They clog the hypnotic system and major toxic system toxicity. It also contains butylene glycol. These glycols can act as surfactants, wetting agents and solvents which are very harmful to your hair.  

It also contains compounds like Behentrimonium chloride, Dimethylamine which is dangerous as well. Despite these harsh chemicals, Monat claims the following with respect to its “clinically proven ingredients” and “demonstrated outcomes”. They claim:

Is Monat shampoo healthy for you?

This is not full of a list of every harmful ingredient or ingredient that will be linked to serious issues. I chose some ingredients that have well-established information regarding toxicity and have been effectively studied. Many of these ingredients are well-known toxins in the cosmetics industry.

This is not groundbreaking information. These ingredients are knowingly harmful. It’s completely unacceptable that Monat states that they don’t use fragrance, PEGs or phthalates when they are literally on their ingredient list.

When customers complain about adverse side effects of Monat’s hair products, Monat classifies this as merely a “detox” period and leads consumers to believe that their only solution is the continued use of the products and even encourages them purchase additional products to compensate for their symptoms.  

So these are the pros and cons of the Monat shampoo. I would recommend you that before switching to the Monat products, go through the ingredients of each product. Read the reviews of each product and then only buy it.

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