Prednisone and alcohol: Can I have them together?

Prednisone and alcohol: can I have them together

Prednisone and alcohol both cause suppression of the immune system of the body. Alcohol, when taken with prednisone medicine, could produce some complications in the body. The big question is “Prednisone and alcohol: can I have them together?”.

Prednisone and alcohol: can I have them together? – Answer

While taking prednisone already immune system gets lowered and when alcohol is added immune system lowers down fast. As a result, the patient is much more prone to the infection because the body is not stronger enough to fight against the disease.

Patients with prednisone medicine taking alcohol one or two alcoholic drinks per day are having an increased risk of having type 2 diabetes mellitus. This is because alcohol in the body causes increases blood sugar levels.

This if alcohol is taken during prednisone treatment if irritates the gastric mucosa of the digestive tract and the patient suffers from peptic ulcers. Some of the patients even complain of the upset stomach as digestion is not proper. The upset stomach causes bloating of the abdomen with nausea and vomiting and pain in the abdomen.

Prednisone and alcohol: Can I have them together?

The patient who is under prednisone treatment is having a higher risk of osteoporosis. Their bones become much weaker, thin, and brittle. If the patient drinks alcohol for a longer time along with prednisone medicine, than the risk of developing osteoporosis gets much more increased.

It is advised to the patient to talk to your doctor if you want to drink alcohol occasionally while you are on treatment. The doctor can give you the advice to avoid the complications and can give you the best outcome of his/her suggestions.

Still, it is advisable for the patient to avoid the alcohol drink until your treatment is finished as this is considered the best option for the patient.

It will be helpful to the patient if he/she discusses everything about the use of alcohol with the doctor. Be honest with the doctor as they know your medical condition and are in a state of giving answers to all of your questions.

Doctors are always there for your guidance and they will always give you good advice about your health. So, if you want to improve your health avoid alcohol with prednisone medicine.

Precautions before the prednisone treatment started

The following precautions should be taken before the prednisone medicine is started: –

Tell your doctor about the medicines or any supplements if you’re taking like vitamin tablets or any nutritional supplements. If you are planning to take any supplements or medicines, your doctor will then change the dose of the medicine and will see any side effects of the medicines.

  • Allergic to prednisone medicine or any other medicine or any inactive ingredients of the prednisone medicine than tell your doctor.
  • Are you planning for any herbal medicines or already taking herbal medicines than tell your doctor.
  • If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant or if your breastfeeding to your baby and taking prednisone medicine than tell your doctor for it.
  • Suffering from any eye infections or in history if you ever had still go tell your doctor.
  • If you had ever suffered from threadworm infection, diabetes, hypertension, any emotional stress, myasthenia gravis, osteoporosis, epilepsy, tuberculosis, any kidney heart or liver diseases or thyroid disorders tell your doctor.
  • If you had any surgery (minor or major surgeries) and you ever had any medical emergency. Tell your doctor about it that you are going to start or recently stopped prednisone medicine.
  • Wear your card or bracelet on which will be written that you are under the treatment of steroids. This is in case any medical emergency where you could not speak.

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Precautions During Prednisone Treatment

Every one must The following precautions should be taken while taking prednisone medicine: –

  • If you are under prednisone medicine than don’t take any kind of live vaccinations without asking your doctor.
  • Just stay away from those people who are sick as prednisone medicine lowers your immune system. You can catch the infection easier.
  • Wash your hands every time before taking your prednisone medicine.
  • Avoid people who are suffering from chickenpox or measles or any viral infections. These disease conditions can be fatal for patients who are taking prednisone medicine.


While taking an appointment with the doctor don’t forget to keep all your medical documents, including the tests and previous medical records. Any other supplements if you are taking along, then the list should be present in your medical file.

Also, give detail about other medical conditions while taking prednisone medicine. Remember that prednisone is a steroid that lowers your immune system. The doctor will advise staying away from infections. And the most important is to keep the medicine away from the reach of your children.

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