15 Most Surprising Reasons for Diabetes – Symptoms, Causes, and Precautions.

Diabetes mellitus is comprised of a group of metabolic disorders, in which the person has high blood sugar. There are many types of diabetes mellitus present but the main cause is associated with the interaction of genetics, sedentary lifestyle and environmental factors. 15 common but Surprising Reasons for Diabetes are present. let’s see Symptoms, Causes, and Precautions for those Diabetes Reasons.

The reason behind the diabetes mellitus includes:-

  • Reduce insulin secretion in the body
  • Decrease glucose utilization in the body
  • Increased glucose production in the body

Due to the changes produced by diabetes mellitus, there occurs metabolic dysregulation which can cause secondary pathological changes in the different organs of the body. This changes when progressed becomes permanent changes which leads to deterioration of health.

Types of Diabetes mellitus:-

Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus:-

In this type of diabetes mellitus, the immune system of the body destroys the cells which produce insulin in the body. As the body does not produce insulin which results in organ damage. This type of diabetes mellitus is called insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus:-

In this type of diabetes mellitus, insulin production in the body is decreased or not enough by beta cells of the pancreas. This decrease in the amount of insulin is not sufficient to control the glucose level in the body and thus there is a rise in blood sugar level.

This type of diabetes mellitus is called insulin resistance. The cause for type 2 diabetes mellitus is mainly associated with an environmental and sedentary lifestyle.

Symptoms of Diabetes mellitus

  • Frequent urination especially at night (polyuria)
  • Increased thirst (polydipsia)
  • Feeling hungry frequently (polyphagia)
  • Weakness
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of muscle
  • Blurred vision
  • Delayed healing in wounds
  • Thrush

15 Most Surprising Reasons for Diabetes mellitus:-

Here are 15 reasons due to which the patient can suffer diabetes mellitus.

Frequently suffers from a bad cold

15 Most Surprising Reasons for Diabetes – Symptoms, Causes, and Precautions.

Whenever you get affected by a bad cold you consult with your doctor for medicine. They prescribe you antibiotics and decongestant which helps to clear up sinus after which your coryza get a stop. But this antibiotic affects the blood sugar level in your body.

Even when the body fights against the virus and bacteria, the blood sugar level gets rises. To prevent high blood sugar level drinks plenty of water to stay hydrated.

If your job is stressful:-

15 Most Surprising Reasons for Diabetes – Symptoms, Causes, and Precautions.

People who take too much of job stress are more to suffer diabetes mellitus. When you are unhappy or in stress at that time your body releases hormone which causes a rise in the blood sugar level in your body.

This rise of blood sugar level causes a person to suffer from type 2 diabetes mellitus. So if you are unhappy or in stress, try to do the thing which makes you happy and always take deep breathing whenever you feel stressed.

Do you drink too much of sports drink:-

15 Most Surprising Reasons for Diabetes – Symptoms, Causes, and Precautions.

Drinking sports drink may give you energy and increases your energy level but some of the sports drink contains high sugar levels such as soda.

It is advised to have plain water instead of taking sports drinks to fulfill the requirement of the body. Ask your doctor also that you are taking sports drink whether it is safe for your body or not.

If you are on steroids:-

15 Most Surprising Reasons for Diabetes – Symptoms, Causes, and Precautions.

People who are suffering from asthma, allergies and other disease conditions in which the doctor has prescribed them corticosteroids for their treatment. These steroids when taken cause a rise in the blood sugar level. As patient immunity is low, this affects their body and they are more prone to suffer diabetes mellitus.

If you taking diuretics and anti-depressant medicines:-

15 Most Surprising Reasons for Diabetes – Symptoms, Causes, and Precautions.

People who are taking diuretics for the treatment of kidney diseases and high blood pressure and those people who taking anti-depression medicines prescribed by their doctors are also more prone to have diabetes mellitus in the future.

Oral contraceptive pills can affect your diabetes

Oral contraceptive pills are considered as a save for the women’s health and is considered as good for birth control. But the hormone present in oral contraceptives like estrogen causes a rise in blood sugar level.

Still, it is considered safe to take birth control pills if you are diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. But before starting with any of the birth control pills consult your doctor, they will give you the best advice for your good health.

Careful if you are not doing any household work:-

People who do their household work like cleaning the house or mowing the lawns make their health good. While those who don’t do any work are at the risk of having diabetes mellitus.

Doing work help to do reduce the high blood sugar level in the body. So if you are a diabetic person don’t sit at home and watch TV, start doing work which will help to reduce your blood sugar.

Lack of yogurt in your diet:-

Yogurt is considered very good for health as it contains bacteria’s which helps in normal digestion and also helps in controlling the blood sugar level. The bacteria present in yogurt are called probiotics.

But if you are taking yogurt packets from outside than be careful as it contains sugar and fruits which will increase your blood sugar level in the body. If you want to eat yogurt than plain yogurt is advised.

 Switch to a vegetarian diet:-

On study, it has been found that people with type 2 diabetes mellitus who are strict to the vegetarian diet has controlled blood sugar level in their body and they need less insulin.

A fiber diet from whole grains and beans plays an important role in the digestion of carbohydrates. Still, many types of research are going on for this. It is advised to ask your doctor what kind of food will help to control blood sugar levels.

Be aware of your sugar in your sleep:-

It is not always found that diabetes people will always have high blood sugar. Blood sugar levels can go down dangerously during sleep those who take insulin injections. So it is always advised to check blood sugar level before going to sleep and when wakes up in the morning.

Regular check-up of blood sugar should be done before having breakfast and two hours after eating. For some people, blood sugar can be seen as a rise in the morning due to changes in hormonal levels or a drop in insulin levels in the body.

Excess of alcohol is dangerous:-

Drinking excess of alcohol raises the blood sugar level in the body as alcohol contains more amount of carbohydrates. After drinking alcohol the blood sugar level increases within hours. After which the level of carbohydrate drops down.

If you are drinking alcohol than you should include some food items which will help to lower the blood sugar level. The American Diabetes Association advises the people including males and females that not more than one drink should be taken.

If you are continuous exposure to heat:-

Heat exposure is harmful to the body. As heat exposure raises your blood sugar level which is quite difficult to control. But if you are in AC during hot weather your blood sugar level can be controlled.

For this, it is advised to drink plenty of water to remain hydrated. If you are taking any kind of medication, heat can affects the effect of medicines.

Menopause women should be careful:-

The blood sugar level is affected by hormones in the body. The up down in the female hormone changes the blood sugar level which is reflected as high blood sugar.

Women who are at menopause are mostly diagnosed by diabetes mellitus which is harder to control. It is advised to consult the doctor for hormonal replacement therapy.

Too much intake of sugar:-

For diabetes, Mellitus sugar is not at all advised. Intake of sugar will raise the blood sugar level more quickly than the intake of carbohydrates. You can take a small number of carbohydrates at a short interval.

If you are over-weight or obesity:-

Obese people are more prone to suffer from diabetes mellitus. This obesity is mostly seen in people who have a sedentary lifestyle. If weight is not reduced than along with diabetes they are also more prone to suffer other diseases of the heart which is very dangerous for obese people.

Final word

Lifestyle plays a major role in controlling diabetes mellitus which includes regular exercise, proper diet, no smoking, and no alcohol. If these measures are taken along with the above-mentioned reasons for diabetes mellitus is taken into consideration than the patient will definitely control their blood sugar level without even medications.

But if you have any kind of symptoms which make you uncomfortable than consult your doctor and follow the advice given by your doctor for controlling your blood sugar level.

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