What is the toddler age? – Care and precautions.

toddler age care and precautions

It is very important for the parents to take care of their child especially when they are at toddler age. Children are who are 12 to 36 months of age come under toddlers. let’s get to know about Toddler age care and precautions“.

This is the time when your child understands and learns very quickly. This is the time when your child has developed in cognitive, emotional and social levels.

Developmental milestone at toddler age:-

Here are the developments which you will see in your child during their toddler age.

Physical growth-

All bones get developed during this period.

Motor development-

Seen in the form of control of large muscles which helps in walking, running, jumping and climbing.

Fine motor development-

Seen in the form of control of small muscles which in feeding themselves, draw and manipulate objects.

Development in vision-

The child will develop the ability to see near and far and will start to interpret what the child has seen.

Development in hearing and speech-

The child will able to hear and receive information and react accordingly and also learn the language and use it for communication.

Social development-

The child will interact with another child.

Toddler age care and precautions:-

Once your child is started walking, he/she is ready to explore the world in their own way. For them, every day is for new fun for them.

There are many adventures and fun present in this stage of life along with these adventures there are many risks and dangers also from which you have to prevent your child.

Here is some advice for you on, How to prevent your child from getting hurt?

Prevent your child from climbing heavy furniture:-

What is the toddler age? - Care and precautions.

Toddler loves to climb on heavy furniture with a step as they feel fun of doing it. In most of the houses, heavy furniture is not secured to the wall. These include bookcases and dresses which have a hundred pounds of weight.

There are many other heavy objects which should be kept away reach of the children like television kept on furniture. If your toddler climbs on it, it can fall on your child. This can cause injury to your child. This injury can be very dangerous which can even result in the death of your child.

If the injury is not seen in your child then there can be chances of having a severe injury in internal organs which can cause serious conditions for which treatment is required. Even your child can also suffer from a severe head injury.

So you need to prevent this incident by preventing your child from falling from heavy furniture. Don’t place toys on the top of the furniture.

Keep away your child from the poisonous substances:-

What is the toddler age? - Care and precautions.

Your child at this stage is very excited and curious about everything. Your young toddler has a habit to put everything in their mouths. For a thing you have to take care of than what your child is taking in their mouth, it can cause accidental poisoning. So keep away the following things away from your child:-

  • Keep away your child from all the medicines including vitamins.
  • Never told your child then this medicine is candy.
  • Keep away all the cleansing products or any dangerous substances out of reach from your toddler. They should be locked in a cabinet.
  • Keep the emergency call number in case of accidental poisoning in your phone.

Keep away your little toddler away from burn:-

Your little toddler wants to touch everything which seems new for them. So you have to take precautions while using the items which can cause burn to your toddler.

  • While cooking and doing ironing the cloths keep your child in a safe place so that your child may not get burn.
  • You should never allow your child to learn by them in the kitchen.
  • Keep away the items that can cause burn to your toddlers like a matchbox, lighter, curling irons, candles, hot foods, and liquids.

Food safety:-

Your toddler can be risky if they handle food with their dirty hands. Your child loves to play with things, likes to go in a muddy place. For this, you have to take care of whether your child’s hand is clean and washed with disinfectant to prevent illness. Sometimes there are few pathogens present in food which can make your child ill and even this can lead to death.

Prevent your child from falls:-

Your toddler at this age will fall often while walking as they are not steady on their feet. Your child likes to climb. Here are some tips from which you can keep your child well grounded.

  • Keep locked all doorways leading to dangerous areas for your child like basements.
  • If the stairway is present in your house then keep safety gates at both the entrance (top and below).
  • Cover all the windows with window guards.
  • Keep skid-proof pads under the rugs.
  • If you are doing shopping in a grocery store, then use the safety strap to fasten the belt into the seat and remain the cart all the time while shopping.
  • If your child is climbing at any heavy object at home, you have to keep your eye on so that you can prevent them before they fall.

Prevent your child from child abuse:-

Your child is very sensitive to impressions such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, and negligence. They are not able to explain the detail of the abuse. Parents should be concern about child grooming if they are keeping their child under caretaker because the perpetrator can win the trust of the caretaker for sexual abuse of your child.

The shaken baby syndrome can be present in the child who is abused as there is serious and permanent damage in the brain.

Child abuse is also seen where the parent takes alcohol and them likely to injure there toddler.

These toddlers need special attention and care and you have to gain the trust of these children for their treatment. These children are much afraid to come close and talk to anyone. Parents are needed to take care and precautions should be taken to know whether their child is in safe hands or not.

Toddlers seat in the car:-

To prevent your child from a car accident injury, the safest seat in the car is the center of the car. But this position is least used by the parents.

Prevent your child from animal attack:-

Everybody loves pets. Today every house has one pet. We treat them as their family members, but there are even more chances of getting injured. Your toddler or other family members are more likely to get injured by the animal attack as they cannot defend. This is especially with a toddler as they are lower to the ground.

Pets can be very aggressive so if you’re are having any pets like dogs and cats than you should know their aggressive history because these pets can attack the person or other if they are not familiar to households.

Proper vaccination should be done to your pets under the supervision of a veterinary doctor to prevent the infections which can be spread by the pets.

Prevent your child from choking:-

What is the toddler age? - Care and precautions.

Your toddler at this age loves to eat new and different food items. They even eat nonfood items that look attractive. This makes your child more susceptible to choking in the throat. So here are some tips for the parents from which they can prevent their child from choking:-

  • Keep your child away from the items (non-food) such as coins, buttons, balloons, safety pins, barrettes and rocks which can cause choking in the throat.
  • Your child loves to play with toys, make sure that your child is not putting small items from the toys in their mouth which can cause choking. Toys should be good repair.
  • Avoid giving food items that can block the throat of your child like popcorns, hotdogs, peanuts, whole grapes, raw carrot, raisins, toffees, chewing gums, nuts, etc.
  • Give your child which can be easily eaten like banana, well-cooked vegetables, and pasta, low sugar cereals, etc.

It is the duty of the parents to take care and should watch their child what they are putting in their mouths.

Along with this parents should take precautions of the other things like:-

  • Never leave your toddler alone in the washroom or toilet, bathtub, near water and swimming pool.
  • Keep mirrors away from the reach of your toddler.
  • Fragrance bottles and another glass bottle keep away from their reach.
  • Electricity wires and electric switches must be away from their reach.
  • If your toddler is playing outside in the ground than the parents should monitor their child until they are playing.

When your child starts walking, the responsibility of parents towards their child increases. Your toddler needs more care and precautions as they don’t understand what is good and bad for them. Being a parent you have to tell everything to your child and have to create a good environment for their healthy growth.

This article will help the parents to understand their toddlers and what care and precautions they should take for their toddlers. Toddler age care and precautions

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